Wondering what you can wear to school?

Middle School
No clothing, make up, jewelry, accessories, tattoos, or paraphernalia will be allowed that:
Temple ISD Middle School and High School Parent and Student Handbook
Page 67 of 131
 Are lewd, vulgar, morbid, slanderous, offensive, incite disruptive behavior or depict
 Advertise or depict tobacco products, alcoholic beverages, guns, gambling, drugs, or any
other substance prohibited under legal requirements.
 Refer to satanic, cult, gang, or drug behavior.
 Extremes of any fashion (clothing, facial piercing, tongue barbs, body piercing, hair
styles, etc.) that hinder a positive learning atmosphere will not be allowed.
 No facial piercings are allowed.
 Students must wear shoes to school. “Heelie” tennis shoes and house-shoes (shoes not
meant to be worn outside) are prohibited.
 Slides are not allowed.
 Caps, hats, rags, bandanas, hoods or other head attire are not allowed and may be
confiscated if displayed or worn inside the building.
 Spiked accessories such as collars, necklaces, bracelets, belts, and other items are not
permitted. Chains made of links with diameters larger than ½ inch are not allowed to be
 See-through shirts are not allowed.
Shirts and tops must cover the midriff.
 Males must have sleeves that cover shoulders.
 For females, shirts need to cover the shoulders or have straps at least two inches.
 Split sleeves are not allowed.
 Pajama style pants are not allowed.
 No baggy or over-sized pants are allowed.
 Hemlines of all garments must not be shorter than 5 inches above the knee.
 Pants/slacks/shorts must be worn at the waist at all times.
 Spandex, leggings and yoga pants must be worn with shorts, skirts, long dresses or
dresses that cover the buttocks.
 Clothing with holes above the stated hemline allowable length may only be worn with
leggings. No skin or undergarments should be visible.
 Trench coats or dusters are not allowed.
 Sunglasses are not allowed to be worn inside the building.
 Items of clothing, towels, straps, or strings may not be hanging or displayed over
shoulders, around the neck, or from pockets.
If the principal determines that a student’s grooming or clothing violates the school’s dress
code, the student will be given an opportunity to correct the problem at school. If not
corrected, the student may be assigned to in-school suspension for the remainder of the day,
until the problem is corrected, or until a parent or designee brings an acceptable change of
clothing to the school. Repeated offenses may result in more serious disciplinary action in
accordance with the Student Code of Conduct.