The Results Are In!

Congratulations to the students from Lamar who auditioned for All Region Band last Saturday – you all did a fantastic job!


Special congratulations to the students who made the band:


Ernesto Valdez                  3rd Chair Symphonic Band             Flute

Juan Juarez                         4th Chair Symphonic Band             Flute

Emily DeGraaff                  2nd Chair Symphonic Band            Bassoon

Marissa Manus                 3rd Chair Symphonic Band             Clarinet

Patience Johnson            11th Chair Symphonic Band           Clarinet

Tiffany Seele                      1st Chair Concert Band                    Clarinet

Mariah Manus                   1st Alternate                                       Clarinet

Cedrick Jackson                4th Alternate                                       Clarinet

Kris Dudik                            1st Chair Concert Band                    Alto Sax

Scott Kelly                           8th Chair Concert Band                   Trumpet

Carter Myers                     2nd Chair Symphonic Band            French Horn

Jeremy Blevins                  1st Chair Concert Band                    French Horn

Tatem Nicholes                 4th Chair Symphonic Band             Trombone

Andreas Schmidt              5th Chair Symphonic Band             Trombone

Corrin Townsend             5th Chair Concert Band                   Trombone

Ben Garcia                          2nd Chair Symphonic Band            Tuba

Camryn Yarbrough          5th Chair Concert Band                   Tuba

David Garcia                       2nd Alternate                                      Tuba

Brittney Coulter                3rd Alternate                                      Tuba

Ernesto Lopez                   2nd Chair Symphonic Band            Percussion