Lamar's Theatre Kids Take A Trip Back In Time!!


Earlier this month Lamar's theatre students traveled to the Texas Renaissance Festival, which was amazing!

The students had a great time and were sad to leave when the time came. One group of students got to compete in group scenes and are awaiting their results to see how well they did.

No matter the results, Lamar's theatre students are awesome because:

  1. They performed in front of an audience and schools that they normally would never get to.
  2. The students watched performances from other schools and were critically thinking/talking about the performances.
  3. And for representing the school so well... they were mature, polite and responsible.

A huge shout out to Mrs. Burnett and Mr. Padilla, for being totally tubular super amazing chaperones!

Additionally students had an opportunity to go to Temple High School for “The Dining Room” performance and the students did amazing AGAIN! After the performance many had questions about the show, which made Mr. Oxley happy; it means they paid attention. We are fortunate to have such a successful high school program that allows them to invite us to their performances. The students were excited to see freshmen that came from LMS in this production as well!

So go LMS for having cool kids, that we are all super proud of!