Lamar Takes 1st Place at Academic UIL!!

This year Travis, Bonham and Lamar Middle School competed at the Academic UIL competition against one another. 6th, 7th and 8th grade students from these schools competed in: Spelling, Maps, Graphs and Charts, Oral Reading, Social Studies, Ready Writing, Listening Skills, Science, Calculator, Music Memory, Editorial Writing, Mathematics, Art, Modern Oratory, Number Sense, Dictionary Skills, and Impromptu.
Lamar scored 1st overall, Travis was a close 2nd, and Bonham finished in 3rd.
Congratulations to the following participants that placed:
Faylin Lee, Nuham Rivas, Cameryon Yarbrough, Andreas Schmidt, Ashton Yarbrough, LaTyea Hemphill, Ashley Rodriguez, Emily DeGraff, Samuel Liller, Ricky Fontanez, Ali Mack, O'tarian Peoples, Kelsi Seiter, Michael Jones, Twyla Torres, Jordan Heikens, C'Eric Mayberry, Amir Hickey, Andres Torres, Lauren Bruckbaur, Jonathan Equels, Ivan Sanchez, Abigail Brooks, Olivia Brown, Adesia Mullaney, Aaliyah McCullough, Cheyenne Miller, Keiadda Thomas, Mary Garcia, Jazmine Jones, Judith Lane, Baylee Black, Amesty Woolsey, Patience Johnson, Joseph Ayres, Ben Garcia, Simon Juarez, Lauren Rivera, Joseph Villaiobas, Makayla Perez, Shaterika Griffin, Emily Gildon, Coral Hamon, Jonathan Haire, Samara Kaiser, Ali Mack, Kelsi Seiter and Torrie Culp
And a special thanks to our sponsors and coaches: Ms. Baird, Mrs. Fairlie, Ms. Pajestka, Mrs. Galford, Mr. Bangston, Mrs. Ryan, Ms. Reed, Ms. Dupuis, Mrs. Estes, Mrs. Gildon, Mrs. Patterson, Ms. Kemmerer and Mr. Kile!