Orchestra's Barrage 8

Barrage 8

Temple ISD will be hosting Barrage 8 on November 10th and 11th. Take a string group made up of 5 violins, viola, cello, and double bass – add to that lots of energy and fun music. You get the group Barrage 8! This international group will be stopping in Temple for two days of clinics and performances with students from the Temple ISD Orchestra program. We will have multiple students performing in their concert with them on November 11th at 7pm in the THS Auditorium.

This event is also a fundraiser for TISD Orchestra programs. We will be splitting a portion of the box office with Barrage 8, so we cannot provide free tickets for anyone beyond the student performers. Please let Miss Lana know how many tickets you would like to purchase (student tickets are $10 and adult tickets are $15). You can pay with cash or check (payable to “TISD Fine Arts”) or if you would like to purchase with a credit card, you can purchase online through Barrage 8 at: www.barrage8.com – click on “Tours & Tickets” and find the Temple performance date.

TISD Orchestra Shirts

We will be ordering shirts for Temple ISD Orchestra students and are opening up the order to staff, admin, and parents as well! Attached you will find the order form for sizes (you are welcome to email me with your size as well). We are trying to order these shirts as soon as possible so that we can have them when Barrage 8 comes to clinic and perform with our students on November 10th and 11th.  If you miss this order, we will be doing a reorder later this year for our elementary orchestra students and can include others on that order as well!

Please contact Ms. Lana (Caitlyn.Lana@tisd.org) with any questions!